Wenger and Arsenal have a good reaction: It’s not a penalty for Arsenal, and Chelsea was a penalty !?

Chelsea and Arsenal have re-measured their strengths in a fierce London derby, but as with the Premiership game for a while, the first semifinal duel in the Karabao Cup ended without a winner, with players forgetting to score goals this time.

If four goals were scored on the match in the Premier League, and a last-minute battle for a goal was made, this evening at Stamford Bridge we witnessed a modest football edition in which VAR technology first came up. However, the match ended with a controversial situation that sparked a storm of reactions from Arsene Wenger and

Video assisted for the first time in England in the semifinal duels in the Karabao Cup, and although yesterday it was tested even three times, Judith Atkinson’s final decision was final on all three occasions.

Арсенал на крајот успеа да го оствари тоа по што дојде на гостувањето кај Челси, па сега со резултат 0:0 ќе го пречека ривалот на „Емирејтс“ каде ќе се одлучи кој тим ќе игра во финалето на купот.

На претходниот натпревар на Арсенал со Челси беше досуден пенал по контактот на Белерин и Азар во казнениот простор на Арсенал, а Белгиецот без никаков проблем успеа да го реализира, но сепак сеуште не стивнуваат рекациите кај навивачите на Арсенал.