US President Changes Decision: America Can Return to Paris Treaty

US President Donald Trump said the United States could return to the Paris Climate Agreement, although it did not give any concrete sign that it is heading in that direction.

“Honestly, I have no problem with that agreement, but I have a problem with what is signed,” he said at a press conference with Norwegian Prime Minister Erna Solberg.

“Because, as always, a bad deal has been signed,” he added, referring to the administration of his predecessor, Barack Obama.

Too high goals
“We could go back,” said Trump, who had previously mentioned the possibility of returning with a condition to re-negotiate, although he had never made it clear.

He said the Paris Agreement, in the form signed by his predecessor, “is very unjust for the United States” and long insisted on his negative economic outcome in America.

“We are a country rich in gas, coal, oil and many other things,” he said. The deal is “bad for our companies,” he warned, assessing that the goals for the United States are too high in relation to their main opponent, China.

Under that agreement, the United States pledged to reduce emissions of greenhouse gases by 26 to 28 per cent by 2005 by 2025.