They gave up, packed their suitcases and started adventure: This couple earns as much as $ 200,000 a year traveling around the world

Collette and Scott Stowler, a married couple from Los Angeles, decided to give up their job and go on a journey around the world, and meanwhile they posted a lot of money for posting photos and videos on social networks and blogging on the Internet.

The Instagram profile was opened two years ago, after a 7-month trip around the world, which they paid with the money they saved for a new apartment. At the end of the journey they realized they had many fans on social networks and then came to the idea of ​​a nomadic lifestyle to do business.

They have established cooperation with travel agencies, hotels and other companies and plan trips that document and publish on their website and social networks. One post earns up to $ 2,000, and their annual earnings are around $ 200,000.

“You have to know that it does not come by itself, you have to vigorously work. We get every” yes “every 50 places,” said Scott.

Although what this couple doing for many people sounds like a dream job, Kolet points out that such a life is not easy, because millions of people are competing for the engagement of the same marketing companies. The number of influenza boosters is increasing day by day, but the number of those who can live nicely is small.


Colet and Scott plan their trips according to the wishes of the customers, and when they travel on a journey they spend more time photographing.

An additional problem is that at present there are no rules in this industry, especially when it comes to payment.

Also, the effectiveness of influenza is difficult to measure. One study found that 38 percent of brands can not say they have increased sales due to influenza, and 86 percent do not know what the influencers are calculating for their releases.