Neymar explained the hiding behind his strange celebration that intrigued the entire soccer world

PSG managed to get into the semifinals of the French Cup, but still what all the media in France said after the end of the match was the unusual celebration that Brazilian Neymar performed in the first goal in the triumph of 0-2.

PSG’s first star was a sure performer of the toughest penalty, and after hitting 0: 1, he scored the goal in an extremely unusual way, putting the bucket on his head. This kind of gesture caused really interesting comments on social networks and brought many assumptions about what exactly it was, but after several hours, Neymar himself decided to light up the celebration and discover what it was all about.

Who knows Joao Celso Morache, knows what my celebration is due to, and who does not know it can go the wrong way. Many congratulations to my friend, I love you, “said Neymar to his friend who is otherwise playing as a right back, who actually celebrated his jubilee 30th birthday yesterday.


After Neymar unveiled what it was all about, the French media did not take much time to discover the photo that was otherwise copied by the PSG star …