Mysterious Blue Comet Comes to Earth: The bizarre trace that leaves behind has hypnotized astronomers

The comet emits a strange blue light that confuses and hypnotizes astronomers.

Known as “PanStarrs” or “C / 2016 R2”, this celestial body upsets experts who have noticed that it leaves a bizarre blue trail.

Astronomical photographer Michael Jagger made photos of a comet from his base in St. Oswald in Austria on January 6th.

It seems that the comet is on a strange and chaotic trajectory outside the orbit of Mars, and the series of photographs are merged into one, which shows that it follows almost rectangular motion.

“I made 30 shots in 90 minutes, which allowed me to make a beautiful animation,” Jagger said.

The blue trace left by the comet is actually the result of the ionized carbon monoxide “CO +” found in it.

As “CO +” is released and hit in the vacuum of space, reactions occur in which a fluorescent blue glow is left.

The comet is currently moving towards Earth and will approach the Sun as high as possible in May.

Astronomers Kasper Vircoos and Mary Womack of the University of South Florida used a telescope of 10 meters on Mount Graham to analyze the comet.

Maria wrote a telegram to the International Astronomical Union: “This comet seems to be very rich in carbon monoxide.”

This is probably the reason why the comet has strange changes in the movements.

Comet “Pan Starrs” comes exactly when another comet left behind a meteor shower visible from Earth.