Do not let the acne and facial marks affect your life!

Scientists have invented a non-invasive apparatus that can be used on the skin for more purposes. It’s about “JetPeel”, incredible technology with visible results.

Achies and facial spots represent a problem that creates inconveniences, affect the outward appearance of a person, and shake their self-esteem. Those who have skin problems so far may have gone through many treatments, but without any visible results.

Experts in the field of dermatology say that this device should be given a chance to work with rocket technology on targeted jet, and who is patented. It is about microscopes that are sprayed in the form of a spray under the skin. The droplets are applied at an incredible speed of 720 kilometers per hour and penetrate deep under the skin 4-5 mm. Treatments are gentle and painless, and at the same time intense. With pre-prepared protocols, special ampoules are made in sterile laboratories in Israel and London.

The device achieves: Permanent removal of acne and blemishes, lymphatic drainage, closure of the pores, deep chemical peeling and facial tone. The face gets a younger look, with no side effects. This device, which was approved by the University of Leipzig, first arrived in Serbia, and for a while in Skopje, at the “Alessandro” salon on ul. Orce Nikolov no. 186 near the Mi-Da Car Showroom. Employees are certified and trained to work with “JetPeel”.