A young boy from Syria got a lifetime membership in a gym after taking a picture of him looking out the window

A young Syrian boy who currently resides in Turkey received a lifetime free membership at a gym after the photo he sees while training others has become viral.

Twelve-year-old Mohamed Khaled works as a shoe cleaner in the province of Adiyaman in southern Turkey to be able to survive, and after a busy day he stood in front of the gym and watched as the rest of the trainers.

This moment was photographed, and soon after the photo was expanded to social networks, the owners found the boy and offered him free use of the services in the gym.

Later the photos of the boy were published as an exercise and socialize with the team from the gym, and he himself does not hide that he is overjoyed.

“They found me and helped me. I have always dreamed of weakening and I believe that I will achieve it now by exercising, “said Mohammed.