A father created an application so that his child can not ignore his call

Nick Herbert thought he had solved the problem of communicating with his son when he bought him a cell phone. But soon he discovered that he was too young.

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“What I thought was a solution, turned into another problem. Because the phone is “smart”, he could play games and watch videos on it. So he kept his phone silent, and when I tried to call him, he did not answer me. Sometimes because you did not listen to the phone, and sometimes for sure because it was a shame to talk to your dad before your friends. ”

This made Nick think of something incredible
Nick made an application called ReplyASAP, which shows him whether his son received the message, but also prompts him to answer it before continuing with the game or ignoring it. The application works so that when you send a message to it, even if the recipient’s phone is silent, it will still ring because the call is emergency. The phone will continue to ring until you press “snooze for 3 minutes” or “cancel”. If the recipient chooses any of the options, the caller will receive a notification. Then the message tells the sender (or caller) whether the call is received or the message read.

“I talked to Ben and told him about the idea, and he liked it. He will know that when he receives a message from the application, it is something important and needs to be called. Also, he will be able to send me such messages, so we understand that the application will only be used for important things. ”

Although the application was intended for his son, Nick says it is great for adults who are not parents.

“When I talked to friends about the application, they found another use for it, as the majority of them keep the phone silent. You can use the application to find the phone, or when you need to get a colleague out of the job urgently. ”

The app is available for Android and can be found here.