A dangerous virus spread in the United States

Thousands of people are at risk of hepatitis A in the US state of Utah, where the virus spreads after a large-scale epidemic erupted in San Diego.

Health workers said infected workers had transferred consumer viruses to two restaurants and a shop in the Salt Lake City area. So far, 152 confirmed cases have been confirmed in Utah, and there are no data on possible deaths.

The Utah virus appeared in August, among homeless people and drug addicts in Salt City City, and has now begun to spread. The study found that the spread of the Utah virus was linked to the San Diego epidemic, which claimed 20 lives, while more than a hundred people fell ill, according to a spokeswoman for the health ministry in Salt Lake City, Nicholas Rupee County.

It is the biggest epidemic of that kind of virus in the United States over the past 20 years, and senior officials in California said the San Diego epidemic has weakened, but it is still ongoing.

It is believed that the disease spread as people moved between the homeless center in the two US states, Rupe said, stressing that the homeless are particularly susceptible to the virus given that they live in non-hygienic conditions.

The vaccine against hepatitis A is usually given to infants when they are one year old, and since 2002, the Utah vaccine is mandatory for kindergarten children.