5 futuristic medical innovations that will change our lives

Technological progress in the last decade makes us feel like we live in a science-fiction movie. Medicine also experiences tremendous changes, and new inventions are constantly emerging. Look at some of the innovations that are likely to completely change the medicine we know today.

1. Holographic anatomy

Microsoft is working on a project called HoloLens. This program projects digital information about what you see. Imagine how easy it would be for future physicians to explore human anatomy with this technology. Now imagine how easy it would be for the surgeon to look inside the body without surgery. This technology means more precise operations.

2. Google’s contact lenses

Google works on contact lenses with a digital sensor. The purpose of the lenses is to help people with diabetes. Patients will no longer need to kick their fingers or to constantly monitor a monitor to monitor glucose levels. These lenses will continually measure the level of glucose in the patients’ tears.

3. 3D printing

The future arrived with 3D printing. In the meantime, hospitals use 3D printers for small plastic parts, but with the advancement of technology, these printers can be used for prostheses and implants.

4. 3D Printed Medicines

There is a real opportunity to print your medication at home. Usually, the drugs are compressed and shaped, while these printers compile the capsule layer by layer without compression. Because thin layers will decompose faster, the body will better absorb the drug better and faster. In some disorders, such as epilepsy, this speed of action is crucial.

5. Printed bodies

We have already mentioned 3D printed appliances, prostheses and medications. But there is also the possibility of printing tissue and organs. 3D bioprinting is being actively investigated to address the problem of organ transplant failure. Scientists are looking for a way to create live tissue with these printers.