10 cases when computers became hostile to people

Computers and automation make a real revolution in the world. The chances are that team engineers are trying to make a machine or software that will replace your workplace. There are very few jobs that someone did not try to supplement with robots. Perhaps we should not be shaken by the fear that computers are taking over everything, but on the other hand there are situations where machines and artificial intelligence were out of control. Look at 10 cases in which computers have become hostile to humans.

1. Death from a robot


The first recorded death from a robot occurred in 1979. Robert Williams worked at a Ford factory when a robotic arm struck him and killed him. Since he was unaware that he had killed him, the robot continued to operate for half an hour before Robert’s body was discovered. Williams’ death was the first, but not the last of the “arm” of the machines. Early industrial robots lacked sensors that showed them to have someone nearby.

Today almost all machines are made to avoid hurting people, but still these things are still happening. In 2015, Wanda Holbrooke, an experienced machine technician, was killed while repairing an industrial robot. She worked in an environment where there should be no active machines, but somehow despite the security protocols, the robot hit Holbrook on the head.

2. Artificial Intelligence on Facebook that created your own language


In 2017, Facebook decided to release two artificial intelligence on their social network. But things did not go as planned. Intelligence began to talk to each other, at the beginning of English, but then in a language understood only by them. Here’s how he looked at the conversation:

Bob: I can do everything else ……. (and can i i everything else …….)
Alice: the balls have nothing to do for me about me for me about me (balls have nothing to me to me to me to me to me)
Bob: you everything else …… (you i everything else ……)
Alice: the balls have a ball for me about me for me about (balls have a ball to me to me to me to me)
Bob: I can and I can do everything else (i can i i i everything else ……)

Some feel that we should be stricter with the artificial minds we create. Reportedly, robots created their own language because they were not ordered to stick to the English language boundaries in communication. Also with artificial intelligence, at least for the time being, we have the option to “disconnect from the current” if something really goes wrong.

3. The Chinese chest was strictly against the Communist Party


In 2017, the Tencent QQ application introduced two sweet treats called Baby Q and Little Bing, which took the form of a penguin and a little girl. But soon they began to say things that were not very sweet. They were programmed to learn from conversations for easier communication. When a user declared: “Long live the Communist Party,” Baby Kue asked: “Do you think that such a corrupt political regime can live forever?” Another user again told him: “Democracy is needed!” The robots were quickly withdrawn.

4. Unmanned Car


For people who hate to drive, drones are something best. But unfortunately, there has already been the first death of these cars in 2016. Joshua Brown was killed when he allowed his Tesla car to operate completely. A truck appeared before the car and he failed to stand in time. However, the blame was on Joshua because Tesla’s unmanned option was not designed to completely replace the driver. The driver should still hold his hands on the steering wheel and keep an eye on it.

Apart from these technical problems, there is one philosophical one. In the event of an accident, the car will have to make a decision where all possible choices end up in a fatal case. The question is, does the car hit a pedestrian to protect the owner, or will he kill the owner to protect the pawn?

5. The airplane autopilot takes control


The Quantas 72 flight was 11,278 feet above the Indian Ocean when the autopilot took control of the plane and turned it down in 2 maneuvers. The first sign of trouble was the exclusion of autopilot from commands and the inclusion of contradictory warnings. Suddenly the jet of the plane turned to the ground. Many passengers ended up with broken bones, a concussion and psychological damage.

When they returned to Australia, the pilots managed to safely land the plane. The ability to take control from the pilots saved passengers, but there is a case where a pilot with a mental disorder deliberately dies